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Coonhound Dog Throat Issue

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Coughing, Gagging, or retching, Signs of choking or gagging

Vet Prompter Diagnostics for Little the Coonhound Dog:

Oh dear, sounds like your poor pup Little is having a rough time. Now, I’m no vet, but I can suggest a few things that might be going on based on her symptoms.

First off, it could be something simple like kennel cough. It’s pretty common in dogs and can cause them to cough and gag. It’s kind of like a doggy cold.

Second, she might have swallowed something that’s stuck in her throat. Dogs are curious creatures and sometimes they eat things they shouldn’t. If she’s showing signs of choking or gagging, it’s possible she’s got something lodged in there.

Third, there’s a chance she could be dealing with a respiratory infection. Just like humans, dogs can get these too, and they can cause coughing and gagging.

Lastly, it could be something more serious like heart disease. Some dogs with heart problems will cough and gag.

But remember, I’m not a vet. These are just some ideas based on what you’ve told me. It’s really important to get Little checked out by a professional as soon as possible. Hope she feels better soon!

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