Labrador Retriever with abdomen issues being examine by robot vet

Labrador Retriever Abdomen Issues

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Abdomen may appear swollen or bloated, Excessive licking of the lips or mouth, Hair loss, fever, Stool may contain blood, Swelling or enlargement of the abdomen

Vet Prompter Diagnostics for Skye the Labrador Retriever:

Hey there, I’m not a vet, but it sounds like Skye might have something like a food allergy or a digestive issue. The swollen abdomen and bloody stool could indicate something like gastritis or even a more serious condition like gastrointestinal obstruction. The excessive licking and hair loss could be due to some sort of skin condition, possibly related to a food allergy or a parasitic infection like fleas or mites. The fever suggests that her body is fighting off some sort of infection. It’s really important to get her to a vet as soon as you can though, to get her properly checked out.

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